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Understanding Male Memory Loss

Memory Loss in Men

Brain fog. Poor concentration. Trouble recalling names, and diminished mental acuity. If you aren’t feeling as sharp as you used to, andropause may be to blame.

Causes of Memory Loss

Testosterone and Thyroid

Testosterone and thyroid are the two primary hormones responsible for memory and cognition in men. Deficiencies in these two hormones can cause neurotransmitters to underperform or malfunction, making concentration difficult, and causing memory loss.

Stress and Cortisol

Stress can also cause memory loss. When we’re under stress, a hormone called cortisol is released into the body. While your body needs some cortisol to perform optimally, too much can be destructive, particularly to the brain.

How Concerned Should You Be?

The mild memory loss that men experience at the onset of andropause is almost always reversible. However, if left unchecked, memory loss can become a bigger problem. Studies suggest that unhealthy hormone levels are a contributing factor to brain conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Treatment For Memory Loss In Men

Don’t let memory loss affect your quality of life and your success at work. Our doctors can help you recharge your brain with balanced hormones, and offer creative solutions for optimal brain performance like low T treatment, growth hormone therapy, injectable nutrients, and nootropics. Brain fog lifts in as little as 2 weeks. Mental acuity and stamina are restored in 6 to 8 weeks. You’ll be unstoppable again.

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