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Understanding Male Hot Flashes

That’s right—men have hot flashes, too.

How hot flashes are experienced varies by individual. They may last a few minutes, or as long as an hour. You may get them frequently, or just occasionally. You might feel like you’re “burning up”, or you might break out in a cold sweat.

Some men wake up hot and sweaty at night. These hot flashes that happen at night are called “night sweats”, and they can cause sleep deprivation.

Not all men will experience hot flashes. We’ve found they trouble about 20% of our clients pre-treatment.

Causes Hot Flashes

Low Testosterone

Hot flashes happen because the hypothalamus—which controls body temperature—is sending false signals. Specifically, it thinks the body is overheated, even when it isn’t. What causes these false signals? Generally low testosterone.


Stress can be another trigger. When stressed, our bodies release excess cortisol, and cortisol can trigger hot flashes.

Treatment For Hot Flashes in Men

The solution to hot flashes is straightforward. Balanced hormones. Restoring testosterone to healthy levels eliminates them for virtually everyone. And they go away quickly—usually within 2 weeks. No more sweating, no more discomfort, and you’ll sleep better, too.

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