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Understanding Male Irritability

Irritability In Men

Are you grouchy? Easily frustrated or quick to get angry? More importantly, are your loved ones complaining about it? Welcome to Irritable Male Syndrome.

Causes of Irritability

Chronic irritability in men is often caused by low testosterone, as well as imbalances in other important hormones like estrogen, thyroid, DHEA, and cortisol.

Treatment for Irritability in Men

Men need balanced hormones to feel good physically and mentally. We know that restoring hormones to healthy levels will erase irritability in most men experiencing andropause. As one of our clients told us just 3 weeks after starting TRT:

“My wife told me this morning that the grumpy man has left the building. She says thank you!”

Life’s too short to spend it being irritable. Start enjoying your life again. We’ll show you how.

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Men's Hormone Treatment

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