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8 Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Males Featured Image

8 Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Males

Symptoms of Low T in Men

Testosterone is the predominantly male hormone produced largely by the testes, affecting everything from male features and appearance to sexual drive and even energy, metabolism and mood.

Although testosterone production in young males is usually well within medical ranges provided no underlying conditions or injuries exist, as we age testosterone production steadily declines. Starting around age 30, the production of this vital hormone can drop by as much as 1% per year.

While every individual is unique and responds differently, lower levels often cause symptoms associated with low testosterone or “Low T”. 

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 1 in 4 men had low total testosterone serum levels.

At Spartan Medical Associates our team of talented medical professionals is often sought out to aid with optimizing testosterone through hormone replacement therapy. While some symptoms associated with low testosterone may be subtle, others can severely impact the quality of life while increasing the risk for serious injury or other medical conditions. Spartan Medical Associates uses the latest evidence-based studies in the treatment of men for low testosterone.

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

1. Reduced or Absent Libido 

In men, testosterone plays an important role in sex drive. Low T can reduce the frequency of libido as well as the intensity. This can cause a strain on relationships and decrease the overall quality of life for those who wish to have a more active sex life.

2. Erectile Dysfunction 

Testosterone is the primary driving factor behind a male’s libido and desire. It is also responsible (in part) for both achieving and maintaining an erection. Testosterone encourages the production of nitric oxide, a molecule that dilates blood vessels necessary for strong erections. 

3. Decreased Energy and Vitality  

Chronic fatigue and a general reduction in overall energy are hallmark signs of low T. This can impact everything from enjoying daily activities to work performance.

4. Reduced Muscle Mass and Loss of Strength

More than any other hormone, testosterone plays a key role in increasing and maintaining muscle mass. Those with low T may notice a decline in muscle mass as well as weight gain (fat).

5. Weight Gain

Increased body fat, as well as enlarged male breast tissue (gynecomastia), are both possible outcomes of low T. Weight gain usually happens gradually over time, contributing to other health parameters such as high blood pressure, lower metabolism and more.

6. Lower Bone Mass

Testosterone is necessary to support bone mineral density in men. Those with low T may experience decreasing bone mass that can increase the risk of fractures and eventually lead to osteoporosis. 

7. Changes in Mood

Although primarily known for its influence on physical traits, testosterone is also partly responsible for psychological well-being. Research published in The World Journal of Men’s Health indicates that low T may contribute to an increased risk of depression and anxiety as well as general irritability. 

8. Impaired Cognition and Memory

Although cognition, memory, recall and spatial reaction time all tend to naturally decrease with age, low testosterone can also play a role in diminished mental capacity. According to research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, testosterone supplementation has been linked with enhanced memory.

Interested in Determining if Your Symptoms are from Low T?

Low T is common among men, especially those ages 45 and over. However, even younger males may notice significant side effects as their testosterone levels begin to decline with age. For those experiencing symptoms, testosterone replacement therapy may be a treatment option worth exploring with their physician. 

If you are looking for Testosterone Replacement near Charlotte, NC, contact Spartan Medical Associates today to discuss reducing symptoms of low testosterone at (704) 635-6767.

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