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Spartan Medical Associates offers a free initial consultation so you can see how we can help you.

Spartan Medical Associates offers tailored, individualized hormone therapy for men and women. Unlike brand franchised clinics that use a cookie-cutter approach staffed with PAs or NPs, our physicians focus on your overall health, utilizing advanced clinical judgment and extensive blood testing. Some clinics require weekly or monthly visits which can be cumbersome and increase costs. We have implemented physician-directed home self-administration protocols and transparent, standardized pricing. This frees you up to live your life with your new-found energy. Free office visits are available anytime you’d like but frequent visits are not required. Schedule an appointment or a phone call with one of our physicians to learn more.


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Once you come for your initial consult, most of the followups can be done by phone, and only requires visiting us in office once or twice per year, saving you hours and hours of not having to wait in a doctor’s office. 

FREE Initial Consultation

Spartan Medical Associates offers a free initial consultation so you can see how we can help you.

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Without Treatment, Here’s How Aging Affects the Male Body.

20 Years Old

  • The World Is Your Oyster.
    Seriously. Nothing can stop you.
  • Testosterone Is On Full Throttle.
    Production of testosterone and other important hormones will go strong for most of this decade. But they will peak by the end of your 20s, and then begin to diminish.

30 Years Old

  • The Downward Slide Is Underway.
    During your 30s, you begin to notice changes in how you look and feel. These changes are subtle, and probably not bothersome—yet.
  • Maintaining Muscle Becomes More Challenging.
    Muscle mass peaks in your 30s. If you don’t take steps to preserve the lean muscle you built in your 20s, you may lose around 6 pounds of muscle by the time you reach 40.
  • You Gain Weight Without Trying.
    Once you reach 30, your body will require 12 fewer calories per day with each passing year. Most men will gain weight slowly, reaching their maximum between ages 34 and 54.

40 Years Old

  • Now You Can’t Ignore It.
    The writing is on the wall, and the signs are undeniable. Aging has become a reality. Testosterone and other important hormones have declined to the point of deficiency, and you can feel it.
  • You’re Losing Your Mojo.
    Upon entering your 40s, you may feel less motivated. Your drive to succeed at work, in the gym, or anywhere else is fueled by testosterone—and your levels continue to decline.
  • Libido and Function Become Less Reliable.
    Low testosterone and elevated estrogen can equal a libido that is tanked. Performance can also suffer. About 40% of men will have some erectile dysfunction by their 40s.
  • Who Is This Grouchy Man?
    Without balanced hormones, your moods suffer. You may be more irritable and less patient than you used to be. You may also be more prone to being anxious, or mildly depressed.
  • Insomnia Makes Everything Worse.
    Declining hormones may also impact your ability to sleep. Meanwhile, being sleep-deprived aggravates everything else, including weight gain and irritability.

50 Years Old

  • It’s Official: Andropause Is Here.
    Different men will lose their testosterone and other hormones at different rates. However, in the absence of treatment, no man gets to 50 without experiencing at least some of the effects of andropause by this point. Aging is well underway.
  • Your Unbridled Energy Has Fizzled.
    It didn’t happen overnight, but now it’s impossible to ignore. You don’t have the bounce in your step you once had, and you no longer wake up each morning ready to grab the world by its tail.
  • Here Comes the Spare Tire.
    By your 50s, you may notice more weight accumulating around your midsection. This is mostly due to low testosterone, and also elevated estrogen. This kind of weight will be very difficult to lose, even with rigorous lifestyle habits.
  • Your Train of Thought Gets Lost.
    Or at least it gets lost more often. You probably noticed the beginning of this trend in your 40s, but now it’s worse. This is because your brain’s synapses need hormones to function optimally.
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