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Spartan Medical Associates offers a free initial consultation so you can see how we can help you.

Spartan Medical Associates offers tailored, individualized hormone therapy for men and women. Unlike brand franchised clinics that use a cookie-cutter approach staffed with PAs or NPs, our physicians focus on your overall health, utilizing advanced clinical judgment and extensive blood testing. Some clinics require weekly or monthly visits which can be cumbersome and increase costs. We have implemented physician-directed home self-administration protocols and transparent, standardized pricing. This frees you up to live your life with your new-found energy. Free office visits are available anytime you’d like but frequent visits are not required. Schedule an appointment or a phone call with one of our physicians to learn more.


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Once you come for your initial consult, most of the followups can be done by phone, and only requires visiting us in office once or twice per year, saving you hours and hours of not having to wait in a doctor’s office. 

FREE Initial Consultation

Spartan Medical Associates offers a free initial consultation so you can see how we can help you.

Understanding aging female

Without Treatment, Here's How Aging Affects the Female Body.

20 Years Old

  • Endless Possibilities Are Ahead Of You.
    That’s right. You’re ready to take on the world.
  • EstrogenProgesterone, and Testosterone Production Are in Full Swing.
    Hormonally you are at your peak. But by the end of your 20s, you will reach maximum production, and then your hormones will begin to decline.

30 Years Old

  • Your 20s Are Over, and It’s Noticeable.
    As your 30s progress, hormone production continues its gradual decent. Fertility diminishes, and you notice the first signs of aging.
  • Your Metabolism Slows Down.
    Your metabolic rate drops 1-2% per decade starting in your 20s. This will mean eating fewer calories during your 30s to maintain the same weight.
  • Your Skin Starts to Change.
    Estrogen is largely responsible for keeping your skin smooth and firm during your 20s. As this skin-friendly hormone declines, collagen and elastin diminish. The result is skin that begins to sag and wrinkle.

40 Years Old

  • One Word: Perimenopause.
    Estrogen and progesterone have ebbed and flowed in predictable patterns to this point. During your 40s, these fluctuations become less predictable, and hormones overall continue to decline.
  • Muscle Is Harder to Gain, and Easier to Lose.
    As production of testosterone and other important hormones diminishes, you have to work harder to build and maintain muscle. Remaining strong and fit will be more challenging.
  • Your Desire For Sex Dips.
    Women experience a significant drop in testosterone production during the 40s. Less testosterone, combined with deficiencies in other hormones, can mean a lower sex drive.
  • Irregular Hormones = Irregular Moods.
    Mood swings. Depression. Anxiety. Irritability. You’re at an increased risk for all of these as your hormones shift and change.
  • Your Body Temperature and Body Clock Go Haywire.
    Your body’s ability to regulate temperature malfunctions as estrogen and progesterone become more imbalanced. The result is hot flashes during the day, and night sweats while you’re trying to sleep. Your body clock is similarly affected, resulting in insomnia.

50 Years Old

  • Menopause Arrives.
    The average age for the onset of menopause is 51. Of course this is just an average—for some women it will happen sooner, and for others later. Regardless, your hormone production isn’t what it used to be, and in the absence of treatment, aging becomes a harsh reality.
  • You’re Tired. But You Can’t Sleep.
    Because hormones regulate energy levels, imbalances in estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, and other hormones can result in bone crushing fatigue. Meanwhile, imbalances in these same hormones can make it hard to sleep.
  • Body Composition Shifts.
    As hormones continue to decline, your body composition continues to change. It’s much easier to gain fat, and much harder to lose it. Where you carry weight changes, too—less in the hips and thighs, and more in the midsection.
  • Your Brain Feels Like it is in a Fog.
    As concentration and focus become more difficult, you may routinely forget where you put your keys, or why you walked into a room. Many women describe feeling like they’re stuck in a fog. This is because when you lose hormones, you’re also losing neurotransmitters.

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