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Spartan Medical Associates Hormone Replacement Specialists Serving Charlotte North Carolina, Lake Norman And Metro Area.

Spartan Medical Associates specializes in physician managed Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women to treat menopause/perimenopause, low testosterone in men/women, suboptimal thyroid hormone, PCOS, weight loss, and hormone therapy for traumatic brain injury. Our focus is to effectively treat symptoms of aging and improve quality of life for patients through our highly individualized approaches to BHRT and evidence based protocols.


Perform your best at work, at the gym, and in the bedroom. More convenient and cost-effective than men's clinics and Low T Centers. Physician directed home self-administration.


Don't let hormonal changes derail your quality of life. Feel and look fabulous through sound progressive medicine based on scientific data, advanced clinical acumen, and physiology.

Advance your health and feel fabulous through sound medicine with concierge style.

Dr. Miller and Dr. Driver are seasoned physicians with over 40 years in acute care medicine, practicing at the highest level with unparalleled experience. Frustrated with conventional medicine's old school thinking they have adopted progressive treatment regimens, but always with a focus on evidence-based therapies. It was a natural progression for them to focus on longevity and long term health.

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Spartan Medical Associates offers tailored, individualized hormone therapy for men and women. Our providers focus on your overall health, utilizing advanced clinical judgment and extensive blood testing. Some clinics require weekly or monthly visits which can be cumbersome and increase costs. We have implemented physician-directed home self-administration protocols and transparent, standardized pricing. This frees you up to live your life with your new-found energy. Free office visits are available anytime you'd like but frequent visits are not required. Schedule an appointment or a phone call with one of our providerss to learn more.

Male Hormone Replacement

Men may experience a loss of energy, focus, strength, and libido as they age.

There may be a solution.

Weight Loss

As we age, it may become more difficult to lose weight and keep it off.

There may be a solution.

Female Hormone Replacement

Women may experience hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain, and loss of libido as they age. 

There may be a solution. 

Testosterone Replacement Specialists

You've lost your MOJO in the bedroom, at work, or in the gym.

Perimenopause, Menopause, Thyroid Specialists

Weight Gain, Tired, Fatigue, Hot Flashes, Sweats, Mood Changes, Insomnia, Low Libido.

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We take pride in doing what works.  We seek to continually expand our knowledge base and challenge our beliefs so that we can offer the safest, most effective, and scientifically proven treatments. Most importantly we will treat our patients with the honesty, compassion, and kindness we would treat our friends and family with. 

We look forwarded to helping you “build a better you!”

Concierge Style

Direct access to your provider, managing your symptoms and prescriptions for optimal communication and results.

Certified by ABHRT

Dr. Driver and Dr. Miller are highly trained physicians with years of experience treating men and women for hormone deficiencies.

Dr Robert Driver
Dr. Robert Driver
Dr Douglas Miller
Dr. Douglas Miller
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Beka Hughes PAC, IFMCP
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Nichole Bajek FNP-BC

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Often times life catches up to us and before we know it fatigue and lack of energy become the new normal. If you feel like you’ve lost a step over the past few years, contact us to set up a free consultation and explore what options are available.

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​Start by making contact with us. Either by phone, email, or here through the website. Schedule an appointment to discuss how hormone replacement therapy could benefit you.

Lab Work + Provider Visit

Following the initial discussion, we will have you complete appropriate lab work. When the lab studies are done we will review all of the results with you and discuss how they relate to your symptoms.

​Program Built for You

At this point we will build a customized proactive treatment plan that fits your unique medical needs.

​Treatment & Reassessment

We will closely monitor your progress and make adjustments as we see how you respond to treatment. Many people feel better quickly. Our goal is to restore your hormones to optimal levels. We will refine your treatments to do just that.

Spartan Medical Associates offers Telemedicine to the state of North Carolina including Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham

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Certified Physicians

Dr. Driver and Dr. Miller Are Board Certified and ABHRT Certified Physicians

Personalized treatment

Our Treatment Plans Are Personalized To You.

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Our Concierge Style Allows You To Communicate Directly With Your Provider And Minimize Office Visits.

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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the use of supplemental doses of hormones that have a chemical structure identical to the hormones that the human body naturally produces.  HRT can be used to treat both men and women with hormone imbalance. We aim to return your hormones to optimal levels.

​BHRT is used to treat the symptoms of menopause, peri-menopause, and post-menopause.  It can also be used to treat symptoms of male andropause (low testosterone) and other hormone insufficiencies.  BHRT is also used to effectively treat hypothyroidism (low thyroid function.)  BHRT can also significantly decrease your risk of serious medical conditions such as coronary vascular disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s Dementia, various cancers, and osteoporosis.

Spartan Medical Associates does not accept insurance for our professional fees. 

All treatment plans are customized to meet your unique medical needs.  Simple treatment plans start at $125/month which includes professional fees AND ongoing laboratory testing.  There is an initial treatment plan design fee of $475 that includes History and Physical Exam, extensive lab panel and a 3 page written formal Assessment and Plan.  There is no fee for an initial consultation where we will take as much time needed to educate you and answer all of your questions..

*This does not include the cost of medications or recommended supplements but we are very cost conscious and will help you get the best value in this regard.

Many people don’t realize the significant impact their hormones have on their health and the aging process. Everyone experiences a decline in hormone production as they age. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a safe and common practice where the patient takes hormones to supplement a loss in production or optimize their current levels. The focus is on alleviating symptoms to build a better you!

Spartan Medical Associates’ BHRT programs are designed to balance and restore your hormone levels so that you are operating at an optimal level. We specialize & develop individualized treatment programs for symptom control of hormonal imbalance, as well as several disease processes, including thyroid disease and PCOS.  Hormone imbalance  has also shown to increase your risk for hypertension, diabetes, dementia, osteoporosis, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

Low testosterone, also known as andropause or low T, brings with it a number of unpleasant symptoms and health risks. At Spartan Medical Associates we specialize in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. We are committed to treating men and women with Low T and helping them improve their quality of life. We look beyond just your testosterone and aim to help you optimize all of your hormones. We have years of experience treating both men and women in the Charlotte, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, and Lake Norman, North Carolina area.

We are hormone specialists and medical clinic serving the Charlotte community. We provide hormone therapy, low T, low testosterone and low libido treatment in Lake Norman, Huntersville, Davidson and Cornelius area.

North Carolina – Charlotte Metro area and Lake Norman

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Frequently Asked Questions about HRT

What is Bio-identical HRT?

Bioidentical hormones are different from those used in traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in that they’re identical chemically to those our bodies produce naturally and are made from plant estrogens.

When Should I Start BHRT?

BHRT can be used to treat men and women when their hormone levels drop or become unbalanced. It’s most frequently used to ease symptoms of aging.

Do You Treat Men & Women?

Spartan Medical Associate providers have years of experience treating both men and women.

What Are The Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?

BHRT is typically used as people age and hormone levels drop, particularly for women who are in perimenopause or menopause. It’s used to increase the levels of the hormones that have dropped and improve moderate to severe menopause symptoms in Women and increase testosterone and related symptoms in Men.
In addition to helping with symptoms, hormone replacement therapy may also reduce your risk for diabetes, tooth loss, and cataracts. There’s some evidence that it can help improve skin thickness, hydration, and elasticity, and even reduce wrinkles.

Spartan Medical Associates Hormone Replacement Specialists Serving Charlotte North Carolina, Lake Norman And Metro Area.

Spartan Medical Associates specializes in physician managed Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women to treat menopause/perimenopause, low testosterone in men/women, suboptimal thyroid hormone, PCOS, weight loss and hormone therapy for traumatic brain injury. Our focus is to effectively treat symptoms of aging and improve quality of life for patients through our highly individualized approaches to BHRT and evidence based protocols.

Our Men’s clinic sees patients via telemedicine from the following areas:

Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Winston Salem, Fayetteville, Cary, Wilmington, High Point, Jacksonville, Concord, Greenville, Hickory, Asheville

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Spartan Medical Associates has offices in Charlotte and Huntersville North Carolina.

**Disclaimer. Weight loss results vary depending on the individual. No guarantee is provided or implied.

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