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Whether you are trying to get your body back or you’ve experienced a change in health that has resulted in weight gain, Spartan Medical Associates can help you lose weight, trim body fat, and increase energy. This is done by developing a customized, comprehensive health plan that is unique to you, your body, and your overall state of health. Our team will start with an initial consultation near the Charlotte, NC, area and then progresses through thorough lab work and baseline health assessments. We will then follow up monthly to track your progress without a need for followup in our office.

Hormone Therapy And Weight Loss

Spartan Medical Associates can change a number of conditions in your life:

  • Lose weight each week, often many days throughout the week
  • Lose inches off your waist line
  • Lose fat, not muscle
  • Feel more energized and notice an increase in your metabolism
  • Increased libido
  • Improved skin tone and appearance

The Lean Body Mass Program Guide is a great place to start on your own. View it below. If you’re having problems losing weight on your own, we’re always to help. Contact us today at (704) 469-5613

Most of us have struggled for years with yo-yo dieting and never being able to get and keep the weight off. Dr. Miller and Dr. Driver have years of experience helping people just like you shed weight for good. Sometimes, it may not even be your fault that you’re unable to lose weight. The great thing about Spartan Medical Associates is we’ll look at what’s going on with your body, and if there’s a reason you’re not losing weight, we’ll fix that problem first so that you’re able to keep the weight off for good.

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Although bioidentical hormone therapy can help in the weight loss journey, it isn’t a necessity for you to be part of our BHRT program in order to see results with our personalized weight loss service. Make sure to contact us to find out why our service is different from the rest.

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